Improve Your Relationships with This Remarkable Book

You’re looking for the right girl, and maybe your search hasn’t been as successful as you’d like. When you reflect on your history of relationships, perhaps you can see some pesky personal issues that contributed to the downfalls. Therapy can help, but don’t you sometimes wish you could just rewire your brain? Good news — you can! Read this book and learn the mindfulness techniques that will change your failing circuits to powerful positive pathways of connection, trust, and love. Marsha Lucas explains neuroscience in a funny, warm, engaging way that makes it easy (well, easier than text books) to understand and apply to your life. Make the time to read the book, make the effort to do the pleasant and peaceful exercises, and you’ll soon find profound improvement in your love life. Rewire Your Brain For Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness