Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

online dating for slightly older gals

So there you sit, facing a mailbox full of enchanting responses to your well-planned ad. Of course, if you placed your ad here, you’ve already got pictures and bios on your prospective dates. But you may be asking yourself, “Now what?”

Here are some tips:

  1. Singles messaging can start flirty and get steamy right off the bat. If you’re not comfortable with chatting right away, then don’t. IMs and Skype/Hangouts can be a great way to communicate, but they can put you at a disadvantage because they require an immediate response and that reveal your vulnerabilities. Stick with e-mail to get a better feel for people, and decide when you feel comfortable with real time communication with a particular person.
  2. If you haven’t posted a photo, prospective dates will want to see one. For many potential relationships, this is a major turning point, and may determine whether or not the correspondence continues. This will weed out some of the respondents to your ad, and if you are tactful and kind in your replies to the ‘not my type’ folks, you can cultivate some good friendships, which can mean as much as a romance sometimes.
  3. By the third e-mail, come clean with personal history and current events. Do you smoke? Do you have kids? Are you going through a divorce? Does your ex stalk you? Are you in jail? These are things you’ll want to know pretty early on in your correspondence, and you owe it to your potential dates (and yourself) to ‘fess up.
  4. Still have some names left after all this? Great! It’s time for the next hurdle – the first call.