Phone Tips for the First Call

The First Call – Phone Tips for Talking to New Dates

By now, you’ve exchanged a few e-mails and you’ve formed an image of this person in your mind’s eye. You exchange phone numbers, agree on a time, and rehearse your witty dialog in your head.

But when the phone rings, what happens? You listen for her voice…does she sound like what you had imagined? If she has an accent that grates on your very last nerve, do you want to put yourself through hours of it? Or does the mere sound of her voice turn you on like nothing else?

Finally, be careful! If you talk on the phone and you like the sound of each other, it’s only natural to want to meet. But remember this dating rule of thumb: keep your mind open and your wallet closed. Don’t offer money, or even your address, until you are confident your date is for real.

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